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All Jacked Up

All Jacked Up is a blogspot blog for 'masturbators, jackers, edgers, JO addicts, wankers, cock-strokers...' you get the picture. It's run by a guy calling himself Jacker 615, and he shares images of himself on the site and on his profile. He's into jacking off to pics and vids and invites you to share his passion and his free images. There are simply loads of images and videos clips of hunks, hard men jacking off, I mean you don't need much more info than that to want to head over and have a look and then... let's not beat about the bush: join in jacking.

But if you do: then there are also lists of categories, called Labels here with content arranged under such headings as Bator Buddies, Fonebone (like that one) and Mutual JO. You've also got some images, with text, from our host plus links to other blogs and sites he really likes. So I guess the bottom line here is that if you're looking for something to do, want some JO material, want to get involved or simply have a look, then your JO buddies are waiting for you right now.

Gay Porn Blog - GayDemon Saturday, 27 July, 2013